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Architect + Constructive




a person who designs buildings and, in many cases, also supervises their construction.




serving a useful purpose; tending to build up.

AplusCon Architects Co.Ltd. (A+Con) is a multi-disciplinary architectural practice, established in 2003 in Bangkok, Thailand. Formerly known as Arakstudio, we have rebranded ourself in 2014 to AplusCon to reflect our professional ambitions to introduce fresh, innovative architectural designs in Thailand as well as in the South East Asian region.

     AplusCon consists of inspired and talented architects and interior designers, who work closely together to create unified designs in both exterior and interior aspects. AplusCon has a vast experience in various types of projects: private residences, condominiums & apartments, commercial & public institutional buildings, and hotels & resorts.


AplusCon offers a full range of architectural consulting services including;

Architectural Design
Interior Design
Architectural Feasibility Studies
Master Plan’s Feasibility Studies
Site Development Studies

Permit Documentation
Construction Drawings


The ambition of our effort and services is to deliver the best of architectural design with considerations on operations and construction technology, to be within our client’s budget


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