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SC-BB- SB project is the village clubhouse in Bangkok Boulevard Srinakarin-Bangna. The building has been utilized for 2 purposes at different times. It was used as the reception to serve the customers who are interested in buying in this residential. The second purpose is the perpetual clubhouse for the residents who live in Bangkok Boulevard village. The designers realize both conditions of this project then resolve these queries.

The approach of this project starts from the main gate entrance. The building was divided into 2 zonings that are a reception area and a gathering area linkage by the swimming pool area. When the customers entrance this building, they view the reception area at the front, which uses as a sale gallery at the beginning and then converts to be lobby lounge later. They can perceive the great space from the height ceiling that connects to the swimming pool through the clear perspective that impresses people who use this opening zone. The gathering function is the swimming pool, Locker with Wc. and fitness room on the 2nd floor, which are designed concerning the private section. Mainly circulation is designed to separating the new customers who come to visit Sale Gallery from the villagers who use the facilities of this clubhouse as well.

The elongated shape of the swimming pool is parallel with the building to reflects the architecture in visual and aesthetic aspects.

The architectural style is influenced by western colonial architecture style; however, it reduces the original element but still keeps the essential component, such as the rhythm of the arch. It is combined with the contemporary that it might be called Modern Colonial-style.

Our SC-BB-SB Clubhouse อาคารสโมสรบางกอกบูเลอวาร์ด ศรีนครินทร์-บางนา

Owner : SC ASSET
Architect : A+Con Architects, Ltd.
Photographers : Rungkit Charoenwat #aplusconproject#lucerne #inspired #apluscon #architecture #scasset#clubhouse #samutprakarn @ Bangkok Boulevard Thepharak

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