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Rama9, Bangkok


The key brief of this club house was from the project marketing team. To interpret “Red Hook / Brooklyn” concept into the architectural design form. This fresh concept had inserted into “The Gentry”, the new club house under the SC Asset Corporation PLC. After the concept studies, RED HOOK / Brooklyn is the new youngster artist area in New York. The interesting concept is at its old unrefined architecture juxtapose with new vibes of contemporary artist. It turned the old cargo into the loft gallery perfectly.

<Developer : SC Asset Corporation Public Co.,Ltd/ Architect : AplusCon Architects Co. Ltd. Co-operationed with PDD SC Asset Corporation Team.>

Clubhouse Design

Form generation ;

Turning the key concept into the objective design, the chosen material was the red brick. Using the red brick Mass to form the open arch, this is the architectural character design of Red Hook/ Brooklyn district. In addition, interlocking with the gable metal structure and the high wall glass, this idea is called “revitalization”-imbuing with new life and vitality. This is to bring out the originality and yet to touch with the new. In order to serve the demand of new generations, they are the target clients of “The Gentry”


From the ground floor with the wooden finish at the front building, walking up to main functions the aerial metal designed stairs is to reach the second floor. Where a double spaced with metal gables runs continuously through all over space. It is connected to the semi-outdoor, hall, co-living space, fitness and toilets.

To design the metal structure into the industrial look, the repetitive metal gables pattern are selected and shown throughout this club house. This is done by turning the spacious roof space of the cargo into residential loft space by sectioning.

The Sub entrance starts from the intimated garden, walking through the arch to enter the club where the swimming pool is located in the semi-outdoor style. This runs continuously connecting with the lodging and locker area.

Main Gate Design

Picture crossing from New York side to Brooklyn side, the most spoken scene is the Brooklyn bridge. To convey this famous scene into this main concept, the main gate designed with the chunky black metal and metal wire binding like a bridge to bring out the overall design character. This character gives the signature arch entrance of “The Gentry” project. The residents can feel that they are transporting from the bustling life back to the more relaxed with the contemporary artistic taste of life.

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