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Seamless connection, limitless society is the idea of the project, Due to Land is tiny. The residential building’s footprints and auto parking ‘s one are small as well. Each footprint has contained 6 to 8 units per floor. So, to design the project’s layout configuration must be released to a vertical direction. In order to create green space between buildings. It has become a green space of the property and common area for the residents. Which is seen from every single lobby. All glass lobbies are intentionally created to be a double space and spacious which the perception has visually connected between inside and outside of the buildings.
The pocket green gardens have scattered on the ground level, also at the level 16th. Moreover, on the roof top of buildings are a sky garden which has been designed to be harmonious with the architecture. And meant to be a city sanctuary.
To design a social connectivity platform is happening on the ground. On the 16th floor is the main public facilities, which are bounded 3 building pillars together. It is a connecting bridge that has become an idea of limitless society. It is comprised of CoWorking Space, Sky Society Garden, Sky Society Fitness, Sky Society Swimming Pool and Social Club.
The horizontal facility bridge on the 16th level has reflected the concept of limitless society. Meanwhile, the 3 vertical building pillars have reflected a modern living lifestyle. The architectural vertical elements have been brought on design from the bottom to the top and be distinguished on the crown. Finally merging horizontal component of the sky bridge. The project has been unique and recognizable from a distance.

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