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Siracha, Chonburi



Our best friend became our customer when Khun X and Nite assing us this housing design project. It is very grateful and proud to be trusted by friends to take care of this remarkable space.

House location is next to Khun X's former home, an extended family with love and warmth every time we visit. We put the house facing north. In addition to being comfortable when opened, the large windows also turn to allow views to the original house, creating a context without blocking the walls between them. Still see each other even after separating their living.

Double volume in the living area offers this house comfier with natural lighting. With a specific desire from an apparent behavior by the owner, it becomes a good starting point to meet their living needs.

We have heard that their friends love meeting for a party at this house pretty much. We assume that caused by an area and space that we can design and want to support activities properly :)

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