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Lak Si, Bangkok



The site is challenging that there are number of big existing tree. They all are kept within the site. The idea of green integration has been implemented. The site is split to 3 pocket green space on the ground to accommodate those trees. Firstly, the welcome courtyard is located between parking lot and living area, where an existing frangipani tree is. Secondly, the family courtyard is right in middle of house. The open space that be able to play and cherish the green, also crossed ventilation. The last, the backyard. This white villa is shaped follow the pocket green gardens, cross ventilation, and self-designed sunscreen concerns. While the second level is also designed to receive more green space as well. The terraces can plant a lot of trees. The triangular ventilation blocks have been applied of the façade at the south and the west. It creates a beauty of shadow during each time of the day. In fact, the major considerations are the habitants ‘privacy, sun protection in the afternoon and Wind Effect Ventilation. These are the key things. That habitants can comfortably live in the tropical area like Bangkok.

The planning concept, service area and parking area are located at the front, in order to maximise owner’s living space inside of the land. There are more private and yet surrounded with 3 yards. Between Parking and service area which is hidden by a stone wall. There is a vast cover walkway which lead to main entrance. Living, pantry and dinning are behind the door. While the bendrom1 and working room are at the rear of the villa. All function are able to have their on-pocket garden. On the2nd floor, there are a master bedroom, bedrooom2 bedroom 3 they are connection with a glass corridor. It has brought a lot of light but not heat. Because of sunscreen from the triangular ventilation blocks façade design.

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