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Nakhon Nayok, Bangkok



This land has responded two types of villa, one is tropical and another one is modern villa they are located on a vast piece land in Nakhonnayok province. The north of Bangkok. Our design focus, a Modern residence. To achieve a pure solid form, the clarity of space. The façade design honesty. The main protagonist is the intentional double space void in living space area, trying to achieve the best orientations for sunlight and the generation of long louver sunscreen to protect a strong light on the south side. The functional massing design comprises the generation of double volumes that interlock with solid mass on the2nd floor, which crossed over the semi-outdoor Koi fish pond. The order of regulated design to profitably capture the sunlight from the south and yet East-west orientations is the main catching the southern wind on its front façade.
As for the materiality and interior distribution, the purity of the spaces is given by chords of oriental wood style, while the visuals given by the large windows are framed by black aluminium sunscreen louver layers. The exterior spaces are regulated by the simplicity of house volumes of stone surface that contain living and dining space. It is inserted in a black aluminium form. This refined image of the modern residence together with controlled a minimal landscape towards a sibling’s villa which is contrasted in their preferences.

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