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Suanluang, Bangkok



Our project Baan PA*Ma* Residence is part of Archello's Best Projects of 2020!
The Best Of 2020 is a curated listing by their editorial team who reviewed over 3,000 submissions completed in 2020.
As a recognition for our inspiring work, Baan PA*Ma* have embedded it with a BEST OF 2020 badge!

The house is built on a small plot of land 12x15 m. and provides an external context to solve many problems such as scenes and residents' privacy. A limited land has become a challenging design for 5 people of various types in one family, from kid to elderly. We designed the wall on the left-right as a solid wall and built a central court, a double volume connected from the outside to the inside as the house's green core area.

The primary design of this house is aim for the happiness of the father and mother. PAPA spends a lot of time watching TV News and documentaries. We designed the downstairs living room to be the room that opens the window to get the wind comfortably during the day.

A large wooden dining table is in the center for MAMA, who enjoys cooking to gather their grandchildren. We raised most of the ground floor area to the kitchen and food preparation areas as it was MAMA's main activity. Also, prepare the storage for the delicious-cookie ingredients and baking oven that MAMA often bakes as gifts during the New Year season. Of course, the comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms for the elderly are designed to receive natural light and adequate ventilation.

The house's upper floor is a working area and bedrooms, the eldest daughter and her family, who spend most of their time working at home. That's why this house decided to install the Solar Cell system and was a worthwhile investment.

The house's color scheme is all white to make the house look clean, comfortable, and feel more expansive. The interior atmosphere is a wood tone because PAPA loves wood. He kept these old wood from the former house and wanted to be used in this house. Perceive that some pieces of wood are not all the same and not smooth. We see it as the charm of this house.

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