“Wachiratham Villa” site constraints are narrow and long-The width is only 8 meters long and 24 meters in depth. It is braced with 4 storey of townhouses on the right and a two storey house on the left. And yet facing to the south, which is hot in the equatorial tropical zone as in Bangkok, Thailand.
A modern villa in a tropical atmosphere. “Machine for living in the garden” is a key. The villa characteristic is a masculine white box with a soft touch of a tropical landscape in the heart of the villa. Which has become a main focal point. It is green, lush, cherished to see, and hearing the calm melody of rainfall while It is raining. In the other word, a strong, rigid from the outside and gentle from the inside.
First, the livable box has been elevated 1 level because of the cross-ventilation’s consideration and becoming a 2 parking lot space. The transition area, before arriving the living platform on the first floor, has been raised up 1.50 meters (above human eye view) for a habitat’s privacy from the outside road. Its space has been designed as a green and lush tropical landscape. This garden has been cherished from every corner of this house. Not only the air can be able to breath in the house from the horizontal direction, but also, the vast open well in the middle of the villa does let the air cross up, in the vertical direction.


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